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For the aptly titled Hope by Opera Alaska, I had the honor of writing an arrangement for brass instruments. You can listen to it here.



Check out the video for Wat Ze Willen by S10 ft. GIAN here. I co-wrote and played piano and synths.



Yes, I'm back in charge of Grasnapolsky's program.
March 6th, 7th and 8th of 2020 in Scheemda.
Check the full line-up here.



Come and see GRRRRROENTEN II at Tweetakt Festival!



Be prepared for GRRRRROENTEN 2.
April 13th, 14th and 15th at Tweetakt Festival.



Today is the release day of the EP called Human Heart by Moss.
Check it out here.


Try outs

Janne Schra and band will be playing 5 try-outs.

03-12 - Het Bolwerk, Sneek
07-12 - Bibelot, Dordrecht
08-12 - Podium Victorie, Alkmaar
09-12 - DRU Cultuurfabriek, Ulft
10-12 - W2, Den Bosch


Moss Fall Tour

Another clubtour!



We're gonna play the new, longer version of GRRRRROENTEN a lot of times at Tweetakt.
Check out the dates and times here.
(photo by Anna van Kooij)


Happy New Year

Happy New Year!


Fall Tour

This fall we'll be touring The Netherlands again with Janne Schra and band.
You can find all the dates with ticketlinks here.


Hanneke Drenth

Hanneke, Merijn, Mischa or Toon and I will be playing some shows.


De Beste Singer Songwriter van Nerderland

Together with Marien, Koen and Tim, I had the honour to be the backing band of 7 of the Best singer songwriters in NL.
Check out the TV-broadcast.



GRRRRROENTEN is a 15 minute pilot version of a performace about vegetables.
Next weekend @ TweeTakt Festival.
With Eveline Didderen, Iris Deppe, Koen van de Wardt, Mischa Porte and me.



Grasnapolsky was amazing.
Check the lovely aftermovie!


Ponzo Tour

Early 2015 I will be touring as a member of Janne Schra's new band.
Chech the agenda for the tourdates.


Grasnapolsky 2015

As I told you before, I'm in charge of the programm of Grasnapolsky.
February 6th, 7th and 8th, at Radio Kootwijk.
From today this teaser and a new website (with the first 15 names) are online. This Saturday the presale will start!



Last week I had the honour to join Janne and Torre on stage live on television.
We played their tune Reap What We Have Sown. It can be seen here.


Ambrosius Hubrecht

The University Museum Utrecht approached Botoboto to create 10 short animations about important Masters of Science of the past and the special collections of the museum.
Studio Puntje Puntje made the music for this video, which covers the life of Ambrosius Hubrecht.



This year, I'm in charge of the musical programm of Grasnapolsky, a very special festival at Radio Kootwijk, Februay 6th, 7th and 8th 20115.


Happy Camper Dates

Yesterday, we played the last show of the great Happy Camper clubtour in the Melkweg.
I'm glad the first dates for a theatre-tour this fall have been announced.

03/09/14 Nazomer Festival Zeeland, Middelburg
02/11/14 Kleine Komedie, Amsterdam
16/11/14 Theater de Vest, Alkmaar
14/12/14 Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht


Happy Camper Live

We're in the middle of the Happy Camper tour.
Here you can see us play live on television (DWDD) and here or here on (3VOOR12)radio.



Botoboto made a bumper for a weekly item of Het Klokhuis.
I had the honour to make the music for this trailer.
Check it out here.


Marten de Paepe Live

Last month we played Wait Another Year, Marten de Paepe's latest album, live at Brussels Lof in Slijk-Ewijk.
On his site Marten tells more about it. The first video can be seen here.



With Studio Puntje Puntje I took care of music and sounddesign for this commercial for, animated by White Olive.


Why don't we panic

With Hummingville we wrote and recorded a song inspired by the painting Hahnenkampf by Melchior de Hondecoeter.
This song is a part of the audiotour for the exhibition Natural Beauty van Fra Angelico tot Monet, from December 7th 2013 till May 25th 2014 at the Groninger Museum.
Check out our song and the painting here.


Live Footage

September 29th Most Unpleasant Men finished their tour in Ekko, Utrecht.
Mcklin and Lise Straatsma were kind enough to film us, Thomas Koopmans pressed the record-button, Jacob van de Water mixed and edited the recordings and Martine van der Wal designed lovely letters.
The result makes me smile like a proud father.
Watch Clooney, Ticking and Hole in the Ground LIVE!


Puntje Puntje Update

Studio Puntje Puntje is Floris van Bergeijk and me, making music for others.
At this moment we are doing scores for some commercials, I can tell you more about that soon, but for now it's top secret.
In the meantime we made a Facebook (like us!) and a Soundcloud.
At our Soundcloud-page we'll give away a song from our back catalogue every month.


Hole in the Ground video

With Most Unpelasant Men we shot a video, starring Wim van den Heuvel, for Hole in the Ground.
The video can be seen here.


Rentree Durk Attaturk

It's been a while, but at Festival Hongerige Wolf Durk Attaturk will play their first show in 3 years.
Be there!


HART 2013

Last year Studio Puntje Puntje produced the music for the theatre show Hart by theatre company Vis a Vis. This summer Vis a Vis reprises the show in a new enhanced version. Again, we made the music.
The show (re)opens on may 18th after which it will run during the whole summer.
Get your tickets here!


Record Store Day

This Saturday it's Record Store Day.
Most Unpleasant Men will be playing in several stores that day.
We will also be fighting a battle with Orlando.
Curious? Check out to find out where we'll be playing and what this battle is about.



The new album by Most Unpleasant Men is available in stores.
On CD & LP.
You can listen the whole album here.


Most Unpleasant Tour

Before and after the release of our 2nd, self-titled album, we'll be playing live again with Most Unpleasant Men.
Check de AGENDA section or the flyer above for dates.
And follow us at Twitter and Facebook!


Most Unpleasant Men

Most Unpleasant Men will release a second, self-titled album on January 17th 2013 at Tivoli Spiegelbar.
Buy tickets now.


Broken bones and 8 Celli

During the Horizontoer I broke 2 bones, so unfortunately, I couldn't play all shows with Eefje de Visser during that tour.
I will fully recover, but I had surgery on my hand and on my foot.
It's still possible to make arrangements and so I did for Cello 8ctet Amsterdam and Eefje de Visser. They played her song Trein yesterday at the Uitmarkt.


news news news

Most Unpleasant Men recorded a bunch of songs after the release of Nothing Moves Slower. Alternate versions, covers and new songs. We asked 12 artists to create an image based on a song.
A Collection of Scraps bundles all of these.
We already released this album digitally, but now you can purchase a physical release of A Collection of Scraps as well.
If you're interested in purchasing A Collection of Scraps, send an e-mail to shop(at) We'll send you a reply with more details on how to receive the item. This CD will also be available at Plato record stores.
Tom Schrooten made a trailer for this project.

Hummingville has been playing a lot of shows, during the past weeks and the first reviews of With an Elephant in a Room are in.
Read them here or here.

Theatre company Vis a Vis premiered their new production entitled Hart on May 26th.
Studio Puntje Puntje produced the music.
The show will run during the whole summer and you can see a trailer here.
Order tickets here for the shows which aren't yet sold out.

This autumn we'll hit the theatres with Eefje de Visser.
Most dates are on sale, check it out here.


Studio Puntje Puntje

I'm happy to announce that the official Studio Puntje Puntje website is online!
Studio Puntje Puntje is Floris van Bergeijk and me, making music for others.
Kris Borgerink designed the website and Marieke Wijntjes made the official Studio Puntje Puntje photos.


Hart by Vis a Vis

For theatregroup Vis a Vis' new production Hart, Studio Puntje Puntje will produce the music.
The show will premiere on may 23th.
For this show, or for one of the many others, you can order tickets here.
Studio Puntje Puntje's website will be online soon.


Candles and Brass

On December 13th Eefje and I will play with the award winning Brass Band Schoonhoven 2 of Eefjes songs during Gouda bij Kaarslicht.
For this occasion I made some arrangements.


Cafe de Liefde

Tomorrow at 20:25 on Nederland 2 the last episode of Cafe de Liefde for this season will be broadcasted.
Floris van Bergeijk and I, soon to be called Studio Puntje Puntje, had the honour of composing the music.

Update: you can see the broadcast here.



Yesterday I had the honour to play with Gem at De wereld draait door.
You can see and hear us play Call me down to Ohio here.
By the way, I played a few keys on their latest record, which is called Hunters Go Hungry.



With Most Unpleasant Men, we recorded a bunch of songs, after the release of Nothing Moves Slower.
Demos, acoustic versions, covers and other new songs.
Every 2 weeks we will offer 1 of these scraps for free download on and on
We asked 11 artists to create an image based on a song.
The first song is available now.
It's an acoustic version of Like Boats, recorded live in Bennekom, May 2010.
Joost Stokhof made the cover-art.
You can find more of his work on


Belgium and elsewhere

After a great gig in De Roode Bioscoop yesterday evening with visuals by Iris Deppe, it's time for Flanders!
From today on I'll be playing 7 gigs in two weeks with Eefje de Visser as the support-act for Luka Bloom, in the upper part of Belgium.
Besides that I'll be playing in a special acoustic duo setting with Joast this Friday in Vredenburg Leeuwenbergh, as a support for the great Josh Rouse.
Check out 1 of his beautiful songs!


RECORD (Store Day)

Eefje and I broke the record last Saturday on Record Store Day.
We played 9 instore gigs in Rotterdam, Gouda, Utrecht, Amersfoort, Hilversum, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden and Delft!
After that we drank champagne to celebrate the fact that we played the most instore gigs in 1 day, ever!
Because of a traffic jam in Hilversum we had to cancel the Almere gig, unfortunately!
We'll make it up to Almere by playing an instore gig in 't Oor on April 29th.
You can see footage of us playing Eefje's wonderful tunes last Saturday, here, here, here or here.



Due to illness of some bandmembers, our show with Eefje de Visser tonight in De Waerdse Tempel in Heerhugowaard, has been postponed to May 28th.
Tickets you already bought will be available for this date. For more info, visit


Doing things

As you may have noticed, it almost seems like I've been living in certain radio-studios, where my employers and I have been promoting the albums of Joast and Eefje. Tonight and tomorrow it's on again with Joast's D-day.
Meanwhile I've been very busy working on Most Unpleasant Men demos together with the band. If we go on like this, we'll have to release a 3 double LP.
Besides working on demos, we're also rehearsing with Eefje de Visser to make the club-tour something special, which we will kick-off on April 1st in Deventer.
And in other news, I had and will have the honour of playing some keys on the new GEM -album, which will contain beautiful 70's-pop with a contemporary twist. I'll keep you updated on this!


Media media

Last Thursday we played at De Wereld Draait Door with Joast.
You can check out our one minute of fame here!
Before the broadcast we were allowed to play a whole song. It's not online yet, but it will follow soon.
Friday night we visited Nachtegiel with Eefje.
Our late-night version of De Stad can be heard here.
And Afdwaalt is here.


"Door het vuur"

The charity concert for Thomas Koopmans and Erik Spanjers last tuesday was a big succes.
Thanks to everyone who helped, played, showed up and donated!
On the picture the first live action of Durk Attaturk in a long time!
Bad news as well: Eefje is ill, so we won't be playing at De Vorstin in Hilversum tonight.


Charity concert

Sadly, last week the studios my friends Thomas Koopmans and Erik Spanjers burned down.
There will be a charity concert to support them on January 11th at Theater Kikker, Utrecht.
I'll be playing there with Most Unpleasant Men, Joast, Durk Attaturk, Chop Wood and Eefje de Visser.
Some of the other participants are Woost, Roosbeef, Shiner Twins, Gerard van Maasakkers, Tududuh, Pien Feith, Daniel Cross, Signe Tollefsen and Marien Dorleijn.
Be there!



You can vote for your favorite Top 2000 Cover here.
I would truly appreciate your help.
So please vote for "We all stand together" by Joastmusic.


School TV-weekjournaal

Last friday NTR broadcasted an edition of School TV-Weekjournaal, in which Iris Deppe, Maartje Mars and I were invited to explain what we do as artists and what we think of the governments plans to cut down on art grants.
You can watch the broadcast here.


Releases and more

As you can see on my music-page, 4 tracks of the In A Cabin With Session I did in Shanghai this summer with Janne Schra and Benjamin Herman have been released as a bonus disc with Janne's Schradinova record, yesterday.
Last night, right after Janne's CD-release in Paradiso, was also the official release-concert of Joast debut album Transatlantic Hope. More shows to come and congratulations to Joast and Janne!
By the way, there will be another edition of Club 3VOOR12/Utrecht on October 28th.
As you can see in the header Iris, Kris and Eveline have developed a beautiful new house-style.


Transatlantic Hope

After two great recording sessions and 2 weeks of holiday, I'm back from China.
It will take some time before both sessions will be released, will keep you updated.
Meanwhile you can kill the time by listening to the great album called "Transatlantic hope" by Joast.
Coming friday it will be available in stores, but you can listen to it for free on 3VOOR12's Luisterpaal now.
Joast recorded the album in LA with a bunch of great American musicians, so I'm not on the record.
However, I'm honoured to play in his live-band, that will be hitting the road and play a lot of shows for the next few months.



3VOOR12/Utrecht wrote a nice article about Neonbelle.
You can find it here.
By the way; Neonbelle is on facebook too.


New Band Photos

In the photo section you can see new band photos for Neonbelle and Most Unpleasant Men.
The photos of Most Unpleasant Men were shot in the woods of Bennekom by Reinier Asscheman.
Neonbelle was photographed in a big river just outside Montreal by Raphael Ouellet.


Chop Wood @ Oerol

Tuesday we're leaving for Terschelling with Chop Wood.
After 3 days of building up and rehearsing we'll play a new show two times a day from friday june 11th till sunday june 20th.
You can see the schedule here.



Tomorrow I'm flying to Canada to perform with Chop Wood , Neonbelle and Stan Diego.
We'll be staying in Canada for 10 days and shall be visiting Montreal, Toronto and Ottowa.



You can read the interview Maarten had with 3VOOR12 about Neonbelles rebirth here.


Most Promising

After having played a last-minute gig in Ekko, Utrecht with Most Unpleasant men last saturday, we won the 3VOOR12/Utrecht Award for most promising act. A great honour for us and we won some nice prizes! We will play at the Utrecht Bevrijdingsfestival and are allowed some time to record in Mailmen Studios.


48-hour film project

Last weekend Floris van Bergeijk and I produced the music and sounddesign for a short film by Tom Schrooten, with reference to the 48-hour film project.
As you might understand, the whole film had to made within 48 hours. Thankfully, we were able to make it in time and all our hard work led to a short, lovely "thriller" called "Er is er een jarig". To our great surprise, Floris and I won the award for best sounddesign!
The film can be seen here.


Great trips

In a week i'll be performing with Chop Wood at "De Parade" in Utrecht and Amsterdam.
15 days, 3 times a day you'll get a chance to see our musical show about insomnia.

Other great news is that I'll be performing with Chop Wood in the Actovy Zal in Moscow, Russia on 9/11.

Most Unpleasant Men will put on a show a week before at the new festival Into The Great Wide Open. Artists like Lykke Li, Emiliana Torrini and Loney Dear will be playing there as well!



After a long time of preparation, the Most Unpleasant Men circus has finally started. Saturday we will release our album Nothing Moves Slower in Ekko, Utrecht. Our site will keep you updated on all our activities.



More exciting news: on December 10th I'll be opening for Ratatat with Durk Attaturk in Tivoli de Helling!

Update: due to a change in program we won't be playing this gig.



Durk Attaturk were already part of the myspace and hyves communities, but from now on we are also available at the new site bandcamp. It's a great site. Everything we ever released (and even more) with Durk is available for free download in very high soundquality. You won't be disturbed by commercial chit chat. Check it out!


Chop wood live

After having recorded with Odilo and Maarten last May, I'll be playing keyboards in the Chop Wood live band as well. At the end of September the first performances will take place in the Melkweg Theatre. You can reserve tickets online.



Monday 3VOOR12 announced that the album In A Cabin With Neonbelle has been selected as 1 of the 12 nominees for the 3VOOR12Award. Read more about this here.


Chop Wood Blog

After a week of recording with Maarten, Odilo and others, I came back from Berlin last monday. On this site you can read the blog and see the photos.


Site launched

From now on this site will inform you and will keep you updated about music I make and music I am involved in. Kris Borgerink designed it.


Opera Alaska

You watch the Opera Alaska show at Eurosonic Noordeslag here.


Opera Alaska

I'll be playing keys in Opera Alaska's live outfit.
Marien and Marzio made this lovely album, check it out.


Video Games

With Moss on live television; Lana del Reys Video Games.


OK by Janne Schra

Janne Schra's OK is out now and got great review.
I play the keys.
The album can be listened here.



Because of the fact that Janne's new album OK wil be released!


Nationale Wetenschapsquiz

I wrote some tunes for the Nationale Wetenschapsquiz.
Nana, Janna & Lisa played them live as you can see here.


Happy Camper Tour

I am honoured to play the keys during this Happy Camper Gravity Fall Tour!



I'm gonna play live with Moss



Grasnapolsky was great.
Such an honour to be in charge of the program!



Next week we'll be playing GRRRRROENTEN again.
Find details here.


Festival Hongerige Wolf

Just like last year I'm in charge of a part of the musical programm of Festival Hongerige Wolf, which will be held the 25th, the 27th and the 27th of July in Hongerige Wolf.
Check the line-up here and listen to the Spotify playlist to prepare!



Marien, Koen, Tim and I were the backing band of the 6 Best Singer Songwriters of NL again in the finals of the contest. Live from Paradiso on your television.
The broadcast can be seenhere.


New tour

Last Friday we played the last show of Janne Schra's Ponzo-tour @ Paradiso.
Happy to tell you that there will be a next tour this fall.



Yesterday we, Janne Schra and band, had the honour to play live @ De Wereld Draait Door. Check the minute here.


3VOOR12 Radio

Yesterday we played on 3FM with Janne Schra and band.
You can see us perform live 3 songs. Everything I Do, Ooh Ooh, Filthy Rich and Carry On.
You only see my arms and hands, but it's really me, who is playing the keys.


Theater of Mirrors

This Saturday I'll be playing at De Hallen, Amsterdam, as a member of the G.T. Thomas band, consisting of Gwen Thomas, Berend Dubbe, Fay Lovsky and me.
What can you expect? A multi-media art exhibit and live performance to welcome the new G.T. Thomas single, "Theater of Mirrors".


... and the drumbeat is going on tour

Next week we'll play the first show of the Happy Camper ... And the drumbeat is going on tour at De Kleine Komedie, Amsterdam. More dates are here.


Easy Listening

Because I don't update the music section as often as I should, I'll give you some links!
You can listen the latest Most Unpleasant Men record here.
This is the debut album of Hummingville.
This is a selection of stuff Floris and I, aka Studio Puntje Puntje made for others.


Janne Schra

The photo shows me playing the piano for the next Janne Schra record, which will be released early 2015. I'll be playing in her live-band as well.


Festival Hongerige Wolf

I had the honour to help with the booking for the Burning Man of the Lowlands, called Festival Hongerige Wolf, the last weekend of July in Hongerige Wolf.
Check the line-up here!


Film Front Festival

Eefje Vaghi made the opening / an instellation for Film Front Festival in Gorinchem.
Floris and me, aka Studio Puntje Puntje took care after the music.
You can see the trailer here.

Update: you can hear the music we made here.


Happy Camper @ DWDD

Yesterday my first appearance in public as a member of Happy Camper was at De Wereld Draait Door.
Check 1 minute of The Daily Drumbeat here.
Before the broadcast on television we played On a Clear and Moonlit Sky.


That's a Pity Too

With Most Unpleasant Men we recently released a track that didn't make it to the album. The title is That's a Pity Too and you can listen to it here.


Stichting Kind te Paard

Recently we made some music with Studio Puntje Puntje for this short movie, made by Marijke Noordegraaf for Stichting Kind te Paard.



After a few months of (mainly) rehearsing, it's time to play live again.
With Klaralven the second show has been announced at the lovely Woot Woot Woolf in Bunnik.
With Most Unpleasant Men we'll play for the first time in months tomorrow. 5 more shows have been scheduled yet, as can be seen in the Live-section.


Happy Camper

This spring I'll be touring as a live-member of Happy Camper, after the release of their 2nd album The Daily Drumbeat.
Tickets for these show are on sale now:

April 13th - Stadsschouwburg, Utrecht
May 8th - Mezz, Breda
May 15th - Doornroosje, Nijmegen
May 18th - Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam
May 24th - Melkweg, Amsterdam

And an album trailer can be seen here.



February 15th and 16th 2014 the second edition of the amazing Grasnapolsky Festival will take place, at (Radio) Kootwijk.
At this very special location I'll be playing with Klaralven (debut-gig!!!) and with good old Most Unpleasant Men.



Klaralven is an Amsterdam based project, consisting of Finn Kruijning (Moss) & Leine (singer/composer). Eerie electro-indiepop music, originated in Sweden.
The live band includes Wubbo Siegers (Novack) and me.
First gig to be anounced.
And a video........


Marten de Paepe

This fall I'll play some shows as a member of Marten de Paepe's band.
Marten recorded a lovely record, which will be out on October 14th.


Proud to present

With Most Unpleasant Men we played 3 songs for 3voor12/Utrecht in my living room!
Check it out!


Album Charts

With Most Unpleasant Men by Most Unpleasant Men
we entered the the Dutch album charts on a number 53 position.
Thank you to everyone who bought our album.



Last Friday Laurens de Boer played my brand new music piece called Hittepetit for piano solo.
It took place in Rasa, Utrecht with reference to the Gaudeamus Muziekweek.
Expect more new composed music soon!


Big Blue Monsters Postcard

Thanks for checking the video for Hummingvilles Big Blue Monsters.
Now there's a postcard of the main character and some dark friends too.
Get in touch with Hummingville to have one.
By the way; please vote for HIT here.


Big Blue Monsters

You can see the official video for Hummingvilles Big Blue Monsters here.
Iris Deppe, Tom Schrooten and Thijs Koole made a beautiful videoclip with monsters in it.



With Eefje de Visser and band we'll be playing shows in theatres across the Netherlands in october, november and december.



Next week we'll be on Horizontoer with Eefje de Visser and band.
Be welcome at our shows at the Waddeneilanden.


With an elephant in a room

YES, there it is, With an Elephant in a Room, the Hummingville debut album.
Available in most record stores now, for free listening here and for download here.



And there it is, a new band called Hummingville.
With my old friend Mink Quispel on vocals, my semi-old friend Nicky on drums and with my new friends Bas en Frank on Bass and Guitar.
I play the keys.
First album With an Elephant in a Room will be in stores on April 20th.
We're proud to announce that the album will be released bij Cubicle Records/Rough Trade Distribution.
The first Hummingville live-shows are confirmed, check the Agenda for details.



Tonight it's television-night!
You can see Eefje, Merijn, Frank, Jacob and me perform I follow rivers by Lykke Li and Hartslag by Eefje at 3onstage.
As well a documentary by Bram van Splunteren called Liefde in tijden van internet will be broadcasted. Floris van Bergeijk and me aka Studio Puntje Puntje made some music for it.

Update: 3ontstage can be seen here and Liefde in tijden van internet can be seen here.



Studio Puntje Puntje is asked to make music for a new documentary by Bram van Splunteren, more news soon.

With Most Unpleasant Men we're still releasing a "scrap" every two weeks. Check our website to download the songs and artwork for free.

With Eefje de Visser and band we'll be playing at Noorderslag again. Also we'll do a small tour in February. Check the dates here.



Our friend Tom Schrooten finished his Image and Media Technology study by making a lovely movie called Baart.
Floris van Bergeijk and I, soon to be called Studio Puntje Puntje, had the honour of taking care of the music and the sound-design.
You can watch Baart here.



Last saturday we played at the Lowlands Festival with Eefje de Visser and band.
We had a great time.
Read reviews here, here, here or here.
Sunday we played a set for 3 on stage. You can find it here


Hongerige Wolf

I would like to share the following information with you!
During the last weekend of coming July, will be the first edition of Festival Hongerige Wolf, in........ Hongerige Wolf, which is located in Groningen.
I had the honour of being asked to interfere with the music program.
I'll be playing with Joast and strings(!) as well.
For all the information, check out the


Harold K

On May 1st, Harold K will present his new CD, called De Laatste Pionier.
I had the honour to make some arrangements for Harold's beautiful songs on this album, and I also played some keys.
You can hear the whole record here, or place an order here.
With my Most Unpleasant Men, I'm proud to play a special try-out concert as 1 of Harold K's support-acts, this Sunday.
Order your tickets here.



As promised, here are the photos of my Miracle Suitcase.
Eveline Didderen helped me with the construction, Iris Deppe took care of the background-planets and Merijn van de Wijdeven did some soldering.
It will be taken into service tomorrow during Eefje and my record-breaking mission in the light of record store day.
Joost Oskamp filmed the first Miracle Suitcase live experience, which can be seen here.


Instore World Record

In the light of Record Store Day, saturday April 16th, I will accompany Eefje de Visser on a mission to beat the World Record "Most Instore shows in 1 day"!

We will be playing in:
10:15 - 10:45 - Velvet - Rotterdam
11:00 - 11:30 - Free Music - Gouda
12:15 - 12:45 - Plato - Utrecht
13:30 - 14:00 - Velvet - Amersfoort
14:45 - 15:15 - 't Oor - Hilversum
16:00 - 16:30 - 't Oor - Almere
17:15 - 17:45 - Velvet - Amsterdam
18:30 - 19:00 - Sounds - Haarlem
20:30 - 21:00 - Velvet - Leiden
21:45 - 22:15 - Velvet - Delft

For this occasion I built a special Miracle Suitcase, together with Eveline Didderen, expect some pictures soon!


DWDD again

2 weeks after having played the holy minute at De Wereld Draait Door with Joast, I had the honour of hitting the small studio stage again with Eefje de Visser.
Before the live-broadcast we played Afdwaalt, which can be seen here.
The 1 minute version of Afdwaalt, which we played during the live broadcast, can be viewed here.



Because I sometimes have a hard time keeping up with all the bands and projects I write, play and perform with, I decided to create a short overview.

Eefje de Visser: Eefjes CD 'De Koek' entered this world with a big bang. Reactions to the album are very positive and the CD-presentation show was sold out. In April we'll hit the road for a clubtour. Belgium will follow as well.

Durk Attaturk: The 'Door het vuur' benefit, some weeks ago, marked our return to the stage. We played with an incredible line-up including Finn Kruyning on drums and Joost Oskamp on bass. We expect to present some new material in May and you may also expect us back on stage during that time. By the way, we're on facebook!

Hummingville: The debut-album of this ensemble, formed around singer Mink Quispel, which we recorded some time ago, is finished. The big question remains; when will it be released? First step to eternal fame is our third show ever on March 10th in the Walhalla Theatre in Rotterdam.

Most Unpleasant Men: Currently, Frank, Merijn and myself are part of Eefje's band, Nicky plays with Woost and Marike Jager, and Joram's busy writing lyrics and buying guitars. In the meantime we are writing lots of new songs. We will start the recording sessions this summer. I'll keep you informed about releases and live-dates.

Joast: The new single of Joast's debut 'Transatlantic hope' is called Big blue eyes and was released recently. I'll be Joast's sidekick for some promotion. You can check out our performance at Avro's Roodshow here. Some gigs are visible in the Agenda section, more to be announced!

Chop Wood: Odilo is busy writing songs. Where, when and with whom they will be recorded is a big mystery. To everybody! In the meantime we are playing some gigs.

Rosa Ensemble: Floris van Bergeijk did the main part, but I arranged some 'songs' distilled from Verdi's Falstaff as well for the Rosa Ensemble. They will be performing this Opera at Opera Spanga this summer. You can find the dates on their website.

Janne, Benjamin & me: The first 4 songs which we recorded in China last summer came with the Schradinova record and with every CD by Benjamin. The full 'In a Cabin with' consisting of 9 songs will be released in May.

I suppose there is more, but I forgot!


Out now: De Koek

Today, De Koek, the debut album of Eefje de Visser, will be available in stores.
It's a great album and I had the honour of writing the horn- and string-arrangements.
I will be playing in Eefjes live-band as well.

Update: you can listen to De Koek here.


Back from the USSR

We're back from the USSR! We had a great time in Russia, playing with Chop Wood in Moscow and Kostroma and celebrating a short holiday in the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg.
In the meantime the cover of Macca's We all stand together by Joast and Eefje de Visser with me on the keys, was voted one of the best 25 entries of the Top 2000 contest.
It would be great if you would all vote again, because then we will be on national television on New Year's Eve.
You can vote here.
And..... Benjamin Herman printed 4 songs of our In A Cabin in Shanghai, featuring Janne Schra, on red vinyl.
When you buy one of Benjamin's albums here, you'll get this for free.


Clip and more

Together with two of my employers, Joast and Eefje de Visser as the lead singers, we arranged and recorded a cover of Macca's We all stand together for a special songcontest by Radio 2.
Ramses Singeling shot and edited a lovely video, which can be seen here.
Besides this I am busy arranging some parts of Verdi's Falstaff for the Rosa Ensemble.
Floris van Bergeijk arranged the rest. More news about this can be expected this spring.
Furthermore, I'm rehearsing with Eefje de Visser for our January shows and preparing for a trip to Russia next week with Chop Wood.


Good company

Today 3VOOR12/Utrecht announced the nominations for the 3VOOR12/Utrecht Awards.
After having won the award for most promising act with Most Unpleasant Men last year, I am now nominated in the "Best Musician" category. The other nominees are Mathijs Peeters en Bram Hakkens, so I am in good company.
Other good news is that I'll be playing live with Eefje de Visser starting in January. I did some string and horn-arrangements for her CD that will be released in January too. Other band members are Frank and Merijn from Most Unpleasant Men, so in this case I'm in good company as well.
Last month we played a lot of shows with Joast. It would be great if Joast were to become 3FM serious talent, so we will have the chance to play more incredible rock-shows. You can help us by listening and voting for Joast's songs here.


Club 3VOOR12/Utrecht

On Thursday, September 30th, the 50th edition of Club 3VOOR12/
Utrecht will be celebrated in in dBs, Utrecht.
For this occasion Woost, Grizzly Adams, I Am Oak, Shock & Awe!, The Follies and Urban Junior will be playing.
Even though I won't be playing myself, I'd like to promote this evening for two reasons. One reason is that I've performed on the Club 3VOOR12/Utrecht stage several times myself. The second reason is that Joram and I wil be programming Club 3VOOR12/Utrecht every month, for the second season.
You're very welcome to come join us on this special evening.


Bejing & Shanghai

We had a great recording session with Neonbelle in the Songzuang Artist Village near Bejing, China.
Right now, we are finishing the second session, with Benjamin Herman and Janne Schra in Shanghai.
Photos of both session can be seen on the In a Cabin With website.



Last week we celebrated the re-release of In a cabin with Neonbelle with a live-concert in Plato, Utrecht. You can see clips of all the songs here.

The Neonbelle re-release is for sale here.

Most Unpleasant Men won't be taking the stage till november, but Joram and I have been writing a bunch of songs, which we will start rehearsing this fall.

Next week I'm leaving for China. First we'll make a start with the new Neonbelle album in Bejing. Next I'll be involved in an In a Cabin With session with Janne Schra and Benjamin Herman as an arranger in Shanghai.
After that I'll be playing the World Expo with Neonbelle and Chop Wood.


IACW live at Raw Sugar, Ottowa

Maarten made nice recordings of our performances at Raw Sugar in Ottowa on May 26th.
You can check out whole live-sets by Stan Diego, Neonbelle and Chop Wood here.


Back from Canada

We had 10 awesome days in Canada.
Lots of cool shows with Neonbelle, Chop Wood and Stan Diego in Ottowa, Montreal and Kingston.
We did a session for Bands Undone as well, you can check out the first clip here.
With Neonbelle we had a photoshoot by Raphael Ouellet in a big river just outside of Montreal. Pictures will be put up here soon.
A tour diary with pictures and movies can be found on the In A Cabin With-website .


Photo and video section

As of today there's a photo and a video-section on this site.
Thank you, Kris Borgerink!


Neonbelle & Joast

As you might have noticed from my agenda, Neonbelle will be touring Canada in May.
Other great news about Neonbelle is that Pien, Maarten and I will hit to road to China to record a new collection of songs in August.
Joast is the latest project of singer/guitarplayer Joost Oskamp. He recorded a collection of songs I adore, so it's an honour to be part of his band.
You can check us out live on april 9th in Bitterzoet, Amsterdam.


2nd 48-hour film project

A few weeks ago Floris van Bergeijk and I were asked to make music for another short movie in 48 hours for the Dutch finals.
The movie is named "Cavia in een doos" and can be seen here.
The movie won prizes for the best script, the runner up and Floris and I won the prize for the best music!


Club 3voor12/Utrecht

This is the first time I'm promoting a concert which doesn't involve me on stage.
Why? Well, because of the fact that my friend Tonijn and I have decided to make a career switch.
As from September we'll be the new Club 3voor12/Utrecht programming duo, an event which will be held in dBs every last Thursday of the month.
Every edition a couple of hot, new acts with different musical styles will present themselves.
Upcoming Thursday, on September 24th, we're honoured to have Lay Low, Master Surreal, MURW, Novack, The Routines
and a secret guest in our first Club 3voor12/Utrecht edition!
Order free tickets by sending an e-mail to:



A short update of all the things that are happening right now!

Most Unpleasant Men:
We released our first single, taken from Nothing Moves Slower, called Princess. Watch our video directed by IMT student Tom Schrooten or download our ep for free.

Dames Voor Na Vieren:
This sunday we will release the CD "Binnenstebuiten" in Theater Bellevue. A lot of shows to come, see the agenda for details.

Chop Wood:
We will perform at De Parade in Amsterdam and Utrecht this summer. Check the agenda section for details again.



Great news! With the prooved team of three drummers (Bink, Nicky and Pimba), three keyboard-players (Dillectronik, Murw and me) and 2 VJs (Iris and Merel) we'll be rehearsing at the SJU Jazzpodium for a week.
On the 21st of March the result of a week of hard work will be shown at the SJU. This wil take place with reference to SJU Lab
More shows to be announced!


Jamie Lidell

Exciting news: on December 18th I'll be opening for Jamie Lidell with Chop Wood in a sold out Melkweg!


Download Chop Wood

You can now download the Chop Wood album for free on the In a Cabin with site. It will be available in stores on September 29th.


Durk attaturk goes Popronde

This autumn Durk Attaturk will tour across the Netherlands and do shows in pubs and venues with reference to Popronde. You can find the first dates in the agenda now.



On April 14th, three drummers (Bink, Nicky and Pimba), two keyboard-players (Dillectronik and Murw) and I created a lot of music by improvising during the night.
The music was inspired by an art-project of the young and promising Utrecht-based illustrator Iris Deppe. The project is called Nachtdienst (Nightshift).
murw and I edited the music which resulted in nine songs. Most of the songs can be listened to on myspace.



In may I'll be going to Berlin for a week to record some tunes with Coparck-singer Odilo and Maarten Besseling from studio the Green Motel, for Odilo's solo-project called Chop Wood.



For the aptly titled Hope by Opera Alaska, which you can listen to here, I had the honor of writing an arrangement for brass instruments.